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Who We Are

Flux Full Circle is a digital management company for luxury travel brands, offering a full-circle digital solution for our clients, from state-of-the-art website builds, to bespoke content and media production, to high-return-on-investment performance marketing. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa and our clients include some of the biggest names in luxury travel.

How it Works

We are always looking for new luxury travel brands to work with and we warmly welcome referral partners. Should you refer a travel brand to us and they become a client of Flux, we will reward you with up to 10% of the agreement value.

Get in Touch

Do you have a luxury travel brand in mind that you would like to refer, or would you like to find out more about our Referral Incentive? Get in touch with us at info@fluxfullcircle.com or complete a referral form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. 10% Of the monthly agreement value will be paid over the first 3-month period for Performance, Starter, Advanced and Pro Service Plans.

  2. A qualifying referral is where the client has been directly referred to by Flux Full Circle by the Flux Affiliate Partner, either in writing, telephonically, in person, or by video call, and the client service plan has been signed.

  3. No existing engagements must be underway between Flux Full Circle and the referred prospective client.

  4. Payment for the incentive value is made in three (3) separate payments,  payable over 30-day cycles after service plan Commencement date.

  5. In the event that a client extends their agreement beyond 12 months, the Flux Partner will receive the same incentive-based on a multiple of the extended period (ie 18 months equates to 4.5 months at 10% of monthly sales value, 24 months would be 6 months of monthly sales value and so forth).

  6. Once-Off builds attract a 7.5% referral incentive based on the project value as defined by Once-Off Proposal, with payment made in two (2) separate payments, first payment due after project Commencement date, and the balance following project completion.